Menachem Tziyon Kollel

Menachem Tziyon Institutions are the crown jewel of Rabbi Menachem Edri’s work. These centers were established about 17 years ago. They are the peak and culmination of extensive charitable activity encompassing all stages of the Jewish life cycle.

It starts with the smallest things such as distributing food packages to needy families, supporting Torah students, and assisting them in providing their needs.

It continues with more significant issues such as writing Torah scrolls, mezuzah parchments and Tefillin passages, and studying to provide merit to others across Israel.

And it goes further into the most important areas of the Jewish life cycle: organizing new home inaugurations (Chanukat Habayit), circumcision ceremonies (Brit Milah), marriages (Chuppah), Torah classes (shiurim), couples and domestic harmony consultancy (Shlom Bayit), and Q & A in all areas of religion, faith and Jewish law.

This tremendous range of activities all occurs here in the Menachem Tziyon Institutions, Jerusalem 


Outreach is an activity of utmost value and importance, and involves personalized learning one on one with each person taking that journey back to the Jewish heritage and Torah.

Menachem Tziyon Institutions are constantly busy with individuals on their journey of return to a Torah based life, learning the Mishnah and Code of Law as they become increasingly closer to our Creator.


Rabbi Menachem Edri views it a great privilege to be part of all actions based on glorifying Torah. The institutions’ activities promote meritorious deeds such as organizing new home inaugurations, circumcision ceremonies and Jewish marriages.


“A man and woman are blessed when Shechina resides with them.” When domestic harmony is present, the home is blessed. Rabbi Edri is vastly experienced in marriage counseling, guiding grooms and brides on the laws of family purity, and providing parental facilitation. These activities are all designed to ensure that as many homes as possible are founded on Jewish foundations.


Menachem Tziyon Institutions provide a comprehensive solution for needy families and families of Torah students. Areas of support are diverse: financial and psycho-emotional support, registration to Torah study institutions, and more. These activities are conducted with utmost discretion and confidentiality.


When the time comes, we want to face our Maker clean of our sins and transgressions. The Kollel (seminary for married men) holds special prayer services, fasts and readings of Zohar to rectify transgressions from the lightest to the most severe. Ten Torah students fast for a full night, and invest their efforts in carrying out rectifications to help bring cleansing to the person’s soul, according to the type of transgression.