Join us! Be part in Rabbi Edri’s ongoing activities to glorify Torah and bring the people of Israel back to the G-d of Israel. 

The merit of these charitable acts and study of Torah will be yours for years to come.

Every donations is received with gratitude and immediately acknowledged by a blessing from the Rabbi.

Your donations make you an active partner in a range of charity activities and kind deeds, among them:

  • Distribution of food packages to needy families 
  • Support for families of men studying in the seminary 
  • Support of Torah students
  • Strengthening people on their journey of repentance andassisting in providing their needs

You can also contribute using TITHE FUNDS. Jewish law requires us to give 1/5 (one fifth) of our profits to charity and to give tithes from profits. 

Tithes are an important and blessed deed, and we are each advised to do our utmost to give at least 10% of our incomes to charity or funding the study of Torah.

Bank: Mercantile
Bank symbol: 17
Branch: 621
Account number: 85794
Beneficiary’s name: Edri Menachem Zion

בנק: מרכנתיל
סמל בנק: 17
סניף: 621
מספר חשבון: 85794
שם המוטב: אדרי מנחם ציון