Tikkun (Rectification) to Find a Marriage Partner

The Tikkun to Find a Marriage Partner is in fact a Tikkun for the root of the person’s soul.
The Tikkun has the power to assist the individual who enacted many transgressions in life of kinds that can inhibit or delay finding the appropriate partner, building a worthy home among the people of Israel, and having a life filled with joy.
G-d determines a partner for each person even before the person is born, as our Sages note in Tractate Sotah 2a.
“40 days prior to the newborn being conceived a voice goes out and says: this one’s daughter to that one’s son, this one’s home to that one, this one’s field to that one.”
Many ask: so why can it take so long to find the right marriage partner? Why do we often find that it takes many years until the specific man and specific woman marry?
Countless reasons can delay marriage. Our Sages teach that the primary reason is linked to a person’s actions.
Finding a mate is linked to the root of a person’s soul but often, when a person damages that root, finding the right mate is inhibited, and the encounter between the two is prevented.

How can finding a mate be encouraged?

The Holy Zohar explains that a person for whom finding a mate has been delayed may have carried out deeds such as non-observance of Niddah (family purity), or abortion, or having intercourse with a non-Jewish woman, or adultery, or desecrating Shabbat, or other severe transgressions.
The Zohar further explains that a person who has failed and fallen because of these actions may realize that finding a mate has been delayed, and that person’s success in this world and the World to Come may also be inhibited.
So what can we do to correct the situation? The person can conduct the Tikkun for a Marriage in accordance with the Kabbalah, and thereby arouse heavenly mercy and worthiness. The Tikkun is applicable to the root of the person’s soul.

The Order of the Tikkun

Like other Tikkun texts, the Tikkun for attaining a marriage partner comprises three main components:
Fasting, Voicing, Funding

Fasting: 10 G-d-fearing married Yeshiva students steeped in Torah study will fast a full night and day, like Yom Kippur.

Vocalizing: The program of learning is comprehensive and very broad. Each individual will learn and pray to their degree of capability.  A person who finds learning difficult can be assisted by a Yeshiva student who will carry out the learning program on the individual’s behalf.
Ten such students from Menahem Tziyon can become your emissary of this good deed,
and learn the entire holy Zohar, say the entire book of Psalms, the Pentateuch, Prophets and Writings, the Six Orders of Mishnah, with 613 Commandments, on your behalf.

Charitable funding: Each Yeshiva student receives NIS. 600. By virtue of this charitable funding, together with Teshuva and the program of learning aimed at arousing Divine mercy, the individual will please G-d receive the wonderful salvation of finding a partner in marriage. 

Therefore, even if G-d forbid you have fallen due to various transgressions, by conducting this Tikkun you will reap benefits in finding the right and proper marriage partner chosen from the time of the six days of Creation.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.