Tikkun (Rectification) for the Transgression of Abortion

In recent years abortions have become very common in Israeli society.
The ease with which women can take this step is very disturbing, and the world’s message to women is: are you carrying an unwanted pregnancy? You’re entitled to an abortion. You supposedly hold all rights to your body.
Despite those being difficult words to read, it is important to emphasize that an abortion is murder.
The Holy Zohar states, regarding the verse ”One who sheds another’s blood, by another shall that person’s blood be shed.” (Gen. 9:6)
When a woman has an abortion, she is performing an act of murder! And the Tikkun for abortion is therefore the same as that for murder.
Firstly, it is important to know that regarding an abortion, as recorded in Tractate Sanhedrin, a person who has murdered
Is considered as though having killed 6 billion people.
Why? We understand this by looking at the progeny of Adam, the first human created in the world. Similarly, the man who killed or woman who murdered through abortion could have produced billions of progeny!

The transgression’s severity

A woman who intentionally aborted or a man who supported the woman’s abortion, knew that their transgression was very severe and that their good fortune could be shut down sooner or later. They could suffer from various tribulations and troubles, G-d forbid, and until they have not rectified this terrible deed, they cannot be granted atonement.
Our holy sources state that the transgression of abortion causes a scream from the start of the world to its end.
A woman or anyone having any part in an abortion may leave this world without any part in the World to Come, and their souls may not experience restfulness until atonement has been achieved for this transgression.
It is also important to note that no small number of women choose abortions and thereafter are unable to bring children into the world, G-d forbid.
The majority of women who have made that choice are later deeply sorry, which can cause severe anxiety, nightmares, obstructions and shutting down of their good fortune.
It is therefore important to stress: human life is not to be forfeited. Even if raising a child at that particular time in one’s life is not appropriate, that does not mean the pregnant woman has received permission to murder.
If G-d has determined that is the best time to bring a new soul to the world, then that is the best time to accept the newborn with warmth.

How is the Tikkun performed?

According to the Ben Ish Chai and the Holy Zohar, the Tikkun for the transgression of abortion is extremely important and assists in opening the gates of heaven for good fortune, healing of the soul and body, for domestic harmony, and to prevent catastrophes and illnesses, and more.

The Order of the Tikkun is as follows:

  Fasting, Vocalizing. 10 married Yeshiva students will sit through the night and the next day fasting, as we do on Yom Kippur, and will read the entire Holy Zohar, the book of Tehillim (Psalms), the Torah, Prophets and Writings, the Six Books of Mishna, and conduct the Encirclements equal to the Seven Covenant Makers.

  Charitable funding. The order of redemption via charity. Each married Yeshiva student will receive NIS. 600. For 10 students that totals NIS. 6,000.
  Charitable redemption is of the highest value. The charity goes to married Yeshiva students, and the merit of Torah and charity will act as the woman’s protection and in your defense.

Another possibility that we recommend to achieve full atonement is to try and save other women who are planning to fall into this same transgression. If saving others involves a great deal of effort in explanation or financial assistance, all the better. It will help complement the atonement towards achieving full atonement, please G-d.

Happy is the woman who merits this Tikkun, and can thereby assure that the soul she aborted and murdered will reach Paradise.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.