Tikkun (Rectification) for Restored Health

Who wouldn’t want the hospitals to be empty! Or that doctors would be out of work (for the best of reasons, of course!)
Or that none of us would become sick, need to deal with pain, or with sorrow? Doubtless we’d all wish for that.

The Holy Zohar states: “There is no death without sin, and no suffering without transgression.”
Transgressions people enact during their lives cause difficult situations, and our many transgressions keep the hospitals filled, and cause other woes and catastrophes in almost every home among the people of Israel.

Ezekiel the Prophet said: “I do not desire the wicked person’s death, but that such a person should repent from evil paths and live.”

G-d, of blessed name who only wants to benefit us, does not wish death and illness on us but wishes that we repent and cease taking the path of evil.
As noted in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 32:39:  “I kill, and I make alive; I have wounded, and I heal; and there is none that can deliver out of My hand. I am G-d who heals all flesh and does wonders.”
The Creator of the entire galaxy, the land, the sky, plants and all life forms, can surely wish to benefit us rather than see us die because of our sins.
For every sin or crime G-d in his goodness also created the Tikkun that can bring recovery and pardon.

What kinds of transgressions can be rectified these days?

Among our various transgressions are some that are harsh and which many of us fail to overcome.
A woman who is immodest, a man who desecrates Shabbat, a person who does not observe family purity, a man who has sexual intercourse with a non-Jewish woman, a woman who aborts, a man who is an adulterer, and so on: these accrue and rouse the trait of judgment towards us.

What powerful tool is able to bring recovery to the world?

In the book “Sayings of the Sages” we find the best advice of all, which can restore health to an ill person.
At the moment there is no better rectification for breaking down the barriers and dissipating the judgments than this:

The Holy Zohar states: A place where 10 people gather, fasting  night and  day as they would for Yom Kippur, and studying Torah, saying the entire Idra Rabba and the Idra Zuta, the entire book of Tehillim (Psalms), the Tana”kh, the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) and the Six Books of Mishnah, has the power to atone for a person and refine that person’s soul.

A person who is ill cannot fast and study the entire Torah. This is why we make married Yeshiva students at Menachem Tziyon available. These men are steeped in Torah and will fast and study for those who need a full recovery, and will conduct the order of this tremendous Tikkun, unlike any other.

It is amazing to discover how much salvation can be seen after the Tikkun. Even people who had been very ill, and relative to whom modern medicine gave little hope or chance, have experienced true turnabout!
This Tikkun brings the merit of Torah to the world, and for NIS. 600 per avrech (Talmudic scholar), you receive countless blessings worth millions!

This Tikkun benefits every ill person, meriting them with three important and valuable mitzvot (good deeds): charity, Torah and fasting.

If someone in your family is ill or you yourself are in bad health G-d forbid, the merit of the Tikkun together with the merit of learning Torah and the merit of prayer will surely arouse heavenly mercy for you and your family.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.