Tikkun for the Transgression of Wasting Seed

The transgression of purposeless ejaculation is one of the severest transgressions mentioned in the Holy Torah. Our Sages relate to this in Tractate Niddah 13a: “One who expels semen idly is obliged to die.”
They further stated: “One who expels his seed is as though he has spilled blood, and as though he has committed idolatry.”
The comparison to spilled blood is because semen is intended to bring life into the world.
The comparison to idolatry is because, rather than strengthening the love between husband and wife, the man directs the drive for life to lust, instead.

Jewish law relates to wasting seed with severity, and writes clearly concerning it.
In the Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer section 23 we find: ”Semen must not be expelled without purpose. And this transgression is the severest of all transgressions in the Torah. Those who adultery by their own hand and expel semen not only have committed this terrible transgression but such a one is excommunicated, as is said: ‘Your hands are covered by blood’ and it is as though he has killed the soul..”

One who corrupts his semen will not merit seeing the Shechinah.

The Holy Zohar goes further and explains that any person who has sinned with this transgression will not see the Shechinah in Paradise because that person is likened to one who has killed his own progeny, G-d forbid!

This transgression can inhibit a man’s good fortune, good health, sustainable seed, acceptance, joy and everything a man needs in life. For as long as the man has not rectified this severe transgression, he becomes increasingly despairing and finds no rest in this world or the World to Come.
Why is this transgression so severe?
Because semen is the essence of life intended for making new, holy and pure souls of Jews with entire lives meant to be activated in this world.
In addition to the damage a man causes himself, the emission of semen not for the purpose of creating life damages all the worlds and souls dependent on him. All the holy pure Jews who should have been born now contain damaged roots.
This defect, as explained in our books, is the root cause of the Temple’s destruction and Israel’s exile from the land! Indeed, no less than this!

How do we perform the Tikkun for this transgression?

In addition to full repentance, confession and a commitment not to commit this transgression in the future,
we recommend performing the Tikkun based on the book “Words of the Wise.” Both the Baba Sali and Rabbi Caduri, may their merit protect us, have recommended that anyone guilty of the transgression of semen expelled without purpose do the following:

A Tikkun comprised of vocalization, fasting and funding.

Fasting. A fast for a night and a day like Yom Kippur, for four days: Monday, Thursday, Monday and Thursday. This part of the Tikkun is extremely important and is able to greatly assist in saving the man.
To rectify all the souls of children murdered by virtue of wasted seed and to ensure their rest, it is necessary to fast just like on Yom Kippur, for 4 days.
A person finding that 4 days of fasting are too difficult can ask for the assistance of a married Yeshiva student who will fast on the man’s behalf.
Vocalizing. The man must pray and learn in this order: the Pentateuch, Prophets and Writings, the Six Orders of Mishnah, and the entire holy Zohar.  Each individual will learn and pray to their degree of capability.   A person who finds learning difficult can be assisted by a seminary student who will carry out the learning program on the individual’s behalf. 

Cgaritable funding. The option of redemption via charity is NIS. 1512, instead of the 84 fasts that a person should fast.
A person generally cannot fast so many days, which is why the Sages have instituted the option of giving charity totalling NIS. 1,512 being 84*NIS. 18.
A person interested in having a married Yeshiva student fast and study on his behalf should add NIS. 2,000 to this sum, being NIS. 500 per day x4 days.

May it be G-d’s will that we merit the Tikkun of our souls and bodies, and in this way merit full redemption hastily and in our times, Amen.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.