Tikkun (Rectification) for Sustainable Seed

This Tikkun is for women who experience difficulty becoming pregnant. A man may carry out this Tikkun for his wife.
Many among the people of Israel cry out to the heavens in the hope of meriting sustainable seed, the seed of Israel , pure, holy and which will bring the light of Torah and good deeds to the entire world.
They seek medical advice, consult with specialists, and yet are unable to bring children into the world. Meanwhile the years pass and the heart weeps. The absence of children fills every space, making it very difficult to continue with life.

If you too fluctuate between hope and despair, and long for a son or daughter to bring light into your life, you’ve come to the right place.
Let’s unlock the secret that hundreds of women have used to help merit sustainable seed.
With the help of several important mitzvahs (commandment) and a holy Tikkun from the Ben Ish Hai, you’ll also be able to do the necessary actions towards realizing your dream.

How can you merit sustainable seed?

Even those who have endured years of difficulties and have not been able to give birth to children have witnessed miracles with these Tikkuns. Years later, they were nonetheless able at last to establish the next generation, and infuse Torah and mitzvahs to the new generation.

This is the order of the recommended Tikkun:

Observe Shabbat. As part of the Tikkun, both the husband and the wife must be meticulous about keeping Shabbat.

Family purity laws. Observe the necessary laws of distancing during the women’s menstrual cycle and the additional period, and immersion in a mikveh at the end of 7 clean days.

Tikkun at the Kotel (Western Wall) in the presence of 10 seminary attendees. This Tikkun has the power to open the gates of heaven.
The Tikkun is conducted by G-d fearing married Yeshiva attendees who live a Torah life. The Tikkun is carried out at the Kotel and can have miraculous results for meeting one’s match, health problems, livelihood, and more.
We have such faith in this Tikkun that a person carrying it out has a high probability of finding all matters resolved, of course with G-d’s help.
(This is not a rash assurance since the number of miracles is very evident).

Purchase of a Shofar. The husband should purchase a high quality shofar with his own money and give it as a gift to his wife.
The wife must then lend it to a quality Shofar blower who will blow it on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). The greatness of this deed will favor the couple who will quickly become pregnant, please G-d.

The mitzvah of Shilu’akh HaKen (Expelling the mother bird from the nest). When a person finds a nest holding eggs or hatchlings on which the mother bird is roosting, it is prohibited to remove the mother from her eggs or chicks, and also forbidden to take the mother with her eggs or chicks.
But if that person did indeed take the mother bird, despite this being prohibited in the Torah, the person can correct the action by setting the bird free.
The husband can come to Rabbi Edri to conduct this mitzvah, but if the husband cannot come, he can appoint a representative, and if that is also not possible, the Rabbi himself will take on the role of representative.


Even if you have not yet become pregnant, G-d willing and on the merit of good, blessed deeds, you will merit offspring. Even people who, for 10 or 15 years, were unable to have children, eventually did thank G-d by virtue of the mitzvahs and this tremendous, holy Tikkun.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.

Arrange a Tikkun for someone by contacting us first by Phone or via the Contact Us form.